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NFTs for Charity

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0.044 ETH

**Max mint qty on card is 25

When you donate, your NFT(s) are minted to your wallet and will appear when the transaction is complete.

Each NFT is a character who has possible attribute differences in skin/fur, accessories (sunglasses, hats, etc.), clothing and backgrounds.

Throughout the entire collection there are also some special characters: 84 Jedi Wolf (1 Last Jedi), 5 Sith Lord (1 Sith Lady Lumiya), 9 Reiders and 9 Lekers characters (naming: no team copyright infringement).

You can also mint on our niftykit app mint page if you'd prefer.

Join Our WolfPak

  • Non-profit partners - Urban Surf 4 Kids, HJM Foundation
  • Website - wolfPak.art
  • Base Artwork - Wolf
  • Skins - Colors, textures
  • Backgrounds - Colors & Textures
  • Accessories - Wonky stuff & clothes
  • Metadata Stats, Features & Final Art Generation
  • ERC721(A) Contract - initial testing contract on rinkeby
  • ERC721(A) Contract (deployed, reveal set up) using NiftyKit
  • Top 3 NFT Marketplace Profiles Set Up
  • Integrate Winter for Credit Card Donations
WolfPak Art PFP Preview

Total Count: 11,111 NFTs
Donation Amount: 0.044 ETH

NFTs for Charity

100% of the proceeds (funds raised minus 2.5% NiftyKit platform fee and any Credit Card fees) will go to the missions of two non-profits, Urban Surf 4 Kids (80%) and HJM Foundation (20%).

The contract revenue split has only two addresses, one belonging to each non-profit and your PFP avatar will include the EIN of each 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the description so you don't have to search for it later.

98.99% secondary royalty means that the secondary sale royalty goes to charity so that the NFT has no real world 'value'. This way your donation mint can be considered tax deductible.

Also, you can use the NFT(s) to fundraise for these causes by placing it for sale on a marketplace and the royalty from the sale price (marketplace dependent) will go to a good cause.

When you list each item for secondary sale on a platform that supports EIP-2981 (contract level creator royalties; e.g. LooksRare), the 98.99% royalty goes to charity so you can use it to fundraise for our community and spread to joy of giving.

[Please DO NOT USE OPENSEA, (max 10% royalty), Rarible (max 50% royalty) or other non EIP-2981 supporting platforms] to sell on the secondary market, but if you do, list it high, high, high so more goes to charity.

Collection Contract Details

ERC721A Contract Address: 0x3EF019E17891C52F3084Ce281A11adAc36989c8C

Revenue Split Contract Address: 0x0bf5f77b7695f6ed222c8deea306b4328f9dc9ea

About The Non-Profits

Urban Surf 4 Kids:

Funds to this project will immediately help fund ongoing mentorship and life skills programs that benefit youth in foster care. Outdoor and Surf Therapy are immensely beneficial to kids healing from trauma. The opportunity to exist in a state of 'play' for and extended period of time helps kids healing from psychological traumas many of us could never fathom is so important. Mentorship is a much needed resource for foster youth and life skills programs help kids to see a future of success.

As a small non-profit, every donation helps US4K to expand their programs to reach more kids, empower them, help them build an 'Ohana', Hawaiian for family.

In October, 6 kids who will have completed a 6 month life skills and community service program will have earned an all expenses trip to Hawaii for 5 days called Dreaming of Aloha. While in Oahu they will participate in a college tour, a community service outing and the remainder will be vacation style reward activities for these kids like surfing at Rockpiles (Ala Moana), paddle boarding at Pokai Bay meeting up with pro surfers and locals like Clyde Aikau, Keala Kennelly and more to 'talk story' and share in the love of our island Ohana.

EIN: 26-4600440
ERC20 Wallet Address: 0x844Cc3e0A7F64cdBD75d58D59d4c4849541ab6FB

Help us raise funds for these kids' once in a lifetime trip like the one below.

HJM Foundation:

Funds to this project will fund programs for youth interested in digital art and turning their ideas into NFTs to provide for their futures and overcome the traditional poverty that awaits them after aging out of the system. Most often, foster youth don't have mentors, a community or family to fall back on so they are missing opportunities for outlets of their creative energy. I believe they deserve the encouragement and tutelage of taking something they've created and turning it into something a growing community of supporters can enjoy. NFTs are a great medium to introduce these kids to a supportive community.

EIN: 87-4107745
ERC20 Wallet Address: 0xFD368d2af98b2055Af3d6dE457c89C2dd7554BE0

Help us promote healing through digital art and mentorship.

About Me

My name is Matthew and I'm launching this NFTs for Charity project to raise funds to support programs that I have worked with as a volunteer and that serve children in need. I have been a developer since 2007 and have been a surf therapy coach since 2014 and an at-risk youth mentor since 2018.

Our programs at US4K currently reach nearly 1000 youth healing from trauma each year due to physical or sexual abuse, neglect and other causes, and this fund raise is an effort to expand the capabilities of our programs to have a positive impact on the youth we serve and to expand the reach of these programs to communities beyond San Diego, CA, USA.

I volunteer more than a hundred hours per year with non-profits serving children in need and see that kids need resources to fall back on and mentors to count on. I have volunteered with Urban Surf 4 Kids in many different facets since December 2014 and I started HJM Foundation in 2021 to teach some of the kids I've mentored over the years digital art and software development.

This project alone has been 100+ hours in the making over the last 5 months.

The Art: Aside from the base wolf avatar (contracted digital artist Henricus), I'm fulfilling a lifelong desire to use my creativity for good and do a good portion of the artwork myself from skins to colorizations.

Read a little more about Why I Give my time, effort, energy and funds to programs that benefit children in need.

Matthew Goodrich, Mentor, Surf Therapy Coach, Instructor

Other Ways to Give

Not into NFTs? Donate at us4k.org or hjmfoundation.org and click the 'Donate With Crypto' button on the homepage or come volunteer with us in San Diego and change a child's life by being their ambassador of play for, often, a once in a lifetime day at the beach. US4K 2022 Events


What platform are you using for the mint?
We are minting an ERC721A contract on the ETH blockchain using a NiftyKit Chainsafe audited drop collection contract.
What is the total number of NFTs?
11,111 NFTs,
What is the cost?
Donate 0.044 ETH per NFT
What is the value?
None, the PFP avatar is a gift to thank you for your donation.
What is the max per mint?
Max donation per mint is 50 NFTs, 1,000 per wallet. Only 25 max per CC transaction.
What is ERC721A?
ERC721A is a contract standard that reduces gas fees through optimizations at the contract level, especially when minting many NFTs at once.
What is EIP-2981?
EIP-2981 is a standardized way to retrieve royalty payment information for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to enable universal support for royalty payments. Platforms that support EIP-2981 allow creators to have access to their contract set royalty percentage.
Ideally you'll be using LooksRare as their platform honors EIP-2981 royalty standards, because those that don't honor the standard have collection owners set a royalty, often at a maximum of 10% (OpenSea) or 50% (Rarible).
Will my donation actually go to charity?
Yes. The wallet addresses are owned by the non-profits and are coded into the NiftyKit contract revenue split. Each non-profit will onboard/offboard via Coinbase or Coinbase Commerce so the revenue withdrawal will go to the split wallet and then at some point will go to Coinbase before being off-ramped to fund the non-profits and their projects, directly benefitting the youth served.
List your NFT from our collection on LooksRare and 95% of the sale goes back to charity. Rarible: 50%, OpenSea: 10%.
Do I have to pay with ETH?
No, we've integrated with Winter for Credit Card donation mints (max 25 NFTs per transaction). Provide a wallet to send to or store on Winter's wallet. Use your email address for your receipt.
What are the rarities?
Each NFT is a character who has possible attribute differences in skin/fur, accessories, clothing, hat and backgrounds. Throughout the entire collection there are some special characters: 84 Jedi Wolf (1 Last Jedi), 5 Sith Lord (1 Sith Lady Lumiya), 9 Reiders and 9 Lekers characters.
Is it safe to mint here on this site?
Yes, we will be using the NiftyKit wallet button that points to our contract to process the transactions on the blockchain. We will also have a niftykit collection mint page where you can mint safely if you'd prefer.
Our contract address is: 0x3EF019E17891C52F3084Ce281A11adAc36989c8C
Can I trust this project?
Yes, all of the proceeds go to charity for this and upcoming NFTs for Charity projects. Everything that I am is built into this project. Giving to children and programs in need from my experience, expertise, artistic leanings, technical ability, heart and soul. Everything here will always be transparent. You are able to see the contract, again, a Chainsafe audited NiftyKit smart contract, you'll see the wallet addresses above in the revenue split contract, you'll be able to review the non-profit 990 forms in next year's tax submissions. All of the proceeds go to charity.
My NFT is not showing up on OpenSea. Where is it?
OpenSea is notorious for NFTs being slow to show up on their platform. You can click the 'refresh metadata' button and wait a bit for it to refresh. You can also check your wallet to make sure it's there and/or check Rarible, LooksRare or other more reliable services. **Ideally you'll be using LooksRare as their platform honors EIP-2981 royalty standards.
I have more questions. Where can I ask them?
You can DM me on Twitter (hjm_foundation (matthewg)) or send an email togiving(at)hjmfoundation.org and I'll do my best to respond in a timely manner. I don't have a discord set up as it's tremendously time consuming to filter through hundreds of gm/gn and conversational posts to help users with legitimate questions. Plus, all the time going into this project is donated, art, contract, crypto, everything.

Follow hjm_foundation on Twitter to see how we do on this fundraising project, it's a first, but hopefully there will be more, for more non-profits.